Sunday, 6 December 2009

Listen to the bells of St Clement

really cool bells - initially thought that they were wedding bells but later found out that that it is the tune to "oranges and lemons", the kids nursery rhyme.

there is lots of cool architecture around strand including the gothic castle-esque court house - "i wouldn't like to get tried in there" jean :)

play chess in a pub - The Harrison

Part 2 of our double 101 activity special!

A nice little pub tucked away on a corner off the main thorough fare

arrived around 5pm and had a drink as you do in a pub. there were no tvs which was good and clientele the more concerning types which was fine, so are we ;p

debating the idea of playing chess we had another drink whilst the music was being set-up led to questions about who was playing at 9?

at 9 a blue grass trio came on - pretty good followed by steve puddle, singer songer writer followed lastly by an american dude who's cd is still hanging around the flat somewhere

thanks to steve, the scottish guy (sat on his owning enjoying his own company until jean befriended him :) ) and the guy with the parents from cavan

left pissed a coot, all in all a great night

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Read in the shadow of the King George collection - The British Library

Not being a major fan of Kings or even libraries (Col, Jean really likes them) too much dust and quiteness, left us feeling completely underwhelmed before we even set foot in the place, which was good as its a sort of a place you need to be calm to appreciate it works.
First off, Newton in the thinking (man on loo) position helped cheer us up as we entered this fantasically drab red brick building. Once in, the quiteness and calmess took over and we hushed our way into the first room - the interesting titled Sir. For all the initial feelings of indifference, this place opened up our eyes. The very first book being an original Wordsworth followed very shortly by Lewis Carrolls Alice in Wonderland complete with drawings and opened on page with "curiouser and curiouser" - cool. Also Beatles, Shakespere, Leonardo da Vinci (with backward writing) and loads of religious works, not sure what religious works and Alice in Wonderland have in common but perhaps it might be possible to think of a reason or two.
Overall a very worthwhile visit

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Have a kickabout on Hackney Marshes (Or just watch the Sunday morning carnageP

A wet, grey and miserable Sunday afternoon down in Hackney Mashes, a perfect setting for a game of footie - the normally quiet surroundings littered with dozens of gaudy team kits and colourful language and gestures. Multitudes of different races and creeds united in their anger against the overweight balding man in the middle of the park, oii ref you blind git!! Ill decisions made in a split second that grown men will argue and contest for hours, days maybe even years.

The game is simple - pass, shoot, score, but add in
competition, jockeying, kicking, fouling, elbowing
and some downright lack of skill and you have
the greatest show on earth.

Its beyond the understanding of most females
in its beauty, (Ed. - bar Jean) and oft associated with slanderous phrases "why do you bother", " its just men running after a ball" and the ultimate dis "I'd prefer strictly come dancing" anytime.

Anyone in any doubt should don a pair of boots, roll your sleeves up, keep the collar down and get stuck in - a goal is not just for Christmas, its for life!

As life would have it we passed a couple of hours later
when the matches had finished and guess
what, the sun was out, rain and clouds gone,
the weather welcoming the newly made heroes created within those four lines today. Beautiful

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

1. Tour Dennis Severs’ House by candlelight

An easy start in terms of availability and convenient location.

Following a slap up meal of Bangers and Mash at S&M we made our way up to Folgate St in Spitalfields for an evening candlelight tour of Dennis Sever's house. More an art installation than a museum, Dennis Severs created this "time capsule" of a silk weavers home c.18th & 19th century capturing the imaginations of visitors. Every nook and cranny has been finely recreated leaving you with the feeling that you have just interrupted the family's evening -a wig is draped over a chair, half eaten eggs on the table, dregs of tobacco on the bureau, a smell of cooking emanating from the kitchen and a real cat called Madge curled up near the fire all capturing a time in history more than any museum can do.
All of this was drowned down by a couple of beers in the nearby The Water Poet. Also recommended apart from the too bright lighting. Why do most pubs in London insist on this? In Ireland the lights only come on when its time to go home!

In all, a highly recommended Monday evening.

Hopefully they are all as good as this one!

London 101 Project starts here

365 days
101 activities
2 people
1 cat
and alot of enthusiasm!

In a moment of drunkeness late one saturday night, underestimating most challenges we decided to undertake the London 101 project, that is to complete the "101 things to do before you leave London" within 1 year from yesterday.

All journeys begin with a footstep, ours began with a serious hangover.

So here we go in no particular order.....

Bon chance!