Sunday, 6 December 2009

play chess in a pub - The Harrison

Part 2 of our double 101 activity special!

A nice little pub tucked away on a corner off the main thorough fare

arrived around 5pm and had a drink as you do in a pub. there were no tvs which was good and clientele the more concerning types which was fine, so are we ;p

debating the idea of playing chess we had another drink whilst the music was being set-up led to questions about who was playing at 9?

at 9 a blue grass trio came on - pretty good followed by steve puddle, singer songer writer followed lastly by an american dude who's cd is still hanging around the flat somewhere

thanks to steve, the scottish guy (sat on his owning enjoying his own company until jean befriended him :) ) and the guy with the parents from cavan

left pissed a coot, all in all a great night

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