Sunday, 11 October 2009

Have a kickabout on Hackney Marshes (Or just watch the Sunday morning carnageP

A wet, grey and miserable Sunday afternoon down in Hackney Mashes, a perfect setting for a game of footie - the normally quiet surroundings littered with dozens of gaudy team kits and colourful language and gestures. Multitudes of different races and creeds united in their anger against the overweight balding man in the middle of the park, oii ref you blind git!! Ill decisions made in a split second that grown men will argue and contest for hours, days maybe even years.

The game is simple - pass, shoot, score, but add in
competition, jockeying, kicking, fouling, elbowing
and some downright lack of skill and you have
the greatest show on earth.

Its beyond the understanding of most females
in its beauty, (Ed. - bar Jean) and oft associated with slanderous phrases "why do you bother", " its just men running after a ball" and the ultimate dis "I'd prefer strictly come dancing" anytime.

Anyone in any doubt should don a pair of boots, roll your sleeves up, keep the collar down and get stuck in - a goal is not just for Christmas, its for life!

As life would have it we passed a couple of hours later
when the matches had finished and guess
what, the sun was out, rain and clouds gone,
the weather welcoming the newly made heroes created within those four lines today. Beautiful

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