Tuesday, 6 October 2009

1. Tour Dennis Severs’ House by candlelight

An easy start in terms of availability and convenient location.

Following a slap up meal of Bangers and Mash at S&M we made our way up to Folgate St in Spitalfields for an evening candlelight tour of Dennis Sever's house. More an art installation than a museum, Dennis Severs created this "time capsule" of a silk weavers home c.18th & 19th century capturing the imaginations of visitors. Every nook and cranny has been finely recreated leaving you with the feeling that you have just interrupted the family's evening -a wig is draped over a chair, half eaten eggs on the table, dregs of tobacco on the bureau, a smell of cooking emanating from the kitchen and a real cat called Madge curled up near the fire all capturing a time in history more than any museum can do.
All of this was drowned down by a couple of beers in the nearby The Water Poet. Also recommended apart from the too bright lighting. Why do most pubs in London insist on this? In Ireland the lights only come on when its time to go home!

In all, a highly recommended Monday evening.

Hopefully they are all as good as this one!

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